How to Get Started in Member Jungle (All members)

All new and existing members are welcomed to the new membership system of Birds SA. 

It's powered by the "Member Jungle" commercial software and has some great 'easy to use' features to help you manage your membership.


What do you want to do?

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The Differences

What are the differences between the old system and Member Jungle?

  • The email address that is currently registered with Birds SA, and we used to send you enewletters - that email address will be used as your username in Member Jungle.
  • When you login for the first time using your email username, you will need to reset your password to access Member Jungle as described in dot point 2 below.
  • You can manage your membership details and payments yourself using a computer, laptop or Member Jungle app on mobile devices.
  • Members with family memberships (primary members) will need to log into their profile and add the names of their additional family members (secondary members).
  • Your membership information will now show the expiry date.
  • Membership fees have increased and are presented differently but are essentially the same fee structure.
  • By default, you can pay by annual credit card payments via the Member Jungle gateway by entering card information each year like normal online shopping.  You can continue to have your payment auto-renewing each year like the current system.
  • If you require manual payment types(referred to as Manual Pay), we offer cash, cheque, direct deposit to Birds SA bank account and/or credit/direct debit card.You enter your information each time you renew your membership.
  • Member Jungle will store details of all payments you make in the new system, from 01 December 2022. Earlier payment history will be stored offline.
  • Automatic renewal notices with tax invoice will be mailed to all members at 28 days, 14 days and 2 days before the expiry date and 90 days after the expiry date.
  • If a membership is expired for longer than 90 days, your membership is cancelled.  You will need to rejoin. 

Let's Go!  

All existing members and new members must register with Member Jungle by resetting their password to access the new system. 

To access your account in the new system:

1. Go to the Birds SA website, click "Member Login" tab to go to the new login page.



2. To reset your password, go to the Members Login page, enter your new username by typing your email address - the one you already use with your Birds SA eNews. (Remember, your email address is your new username). 

3. Click on "Forgot Your Password?" to reset your password as shown below.

4. Enter your new username, that is, your email address. If you can't remember it, go to your personal email account where you receive eNews from Birds SA. Also, we sent an email recently about the new membership system. You don't have an email address, please contact the Membership Team. 

Click      Contact Us_120Wx30H


5. Enter your email address 

Please note, your email address is entered twice just this once as it is your new username and your actual email address to send the email in 7 below.



6. Click RESET PASSWORD button and a message in a green box will appear on your screen as shown below. .

Please note, you can re-use your old password as a last resort, but it's best to change passwords from time to time for security reasons. Remember to write down or save in a password safe/locker.

          Reset Password Response 1105Wx600H


7. Go to your email inbox where you will see an email from Birds SA about resetting your password. 

          ResetPassword email_1253Wx600H


8. Click on follow this unique link and follow the instructions to reset your password in the new system. (Note, you can re-use your old password as a last resort, but it's best to change passwords from time to time.) 

9. Follow prompts as shown below, change your password, write it down or record it in a password locker/safe, confirm it and click UPDATE PASSWORD



10. Click Login button to bring up the Members Login page and log into your membership area.

Please note, you may be asked to verify that you are a person by selecting images requested as shown below. Click on the images to select the types of images requested.

  Verify image1066Wx600H


11. Once you login, your new member profile will display as shown below. It has six tabs. They are:

  • My Account - displays all your contact details as the primary member. You can view your details (if you need to edit your details then go to My Memberships tab below), email preferences and the latest issue of The Birder and the SA Ornithologist
  • My Memberships - displays your contact details, membership card and more details about family memberships and adding family members (secondary memberships) 
  • My Payments - displays payment type and payment history.
  • My Events (Not currently in use)
  • My Orders (Not currently in use)
  • My Listings (not current in use)

   My membership973Wx600H

You also have the option to mute eNews.  Please note, all other notifications like renewal reminders will be sent - it is only muting eNews if you click it.  The member can unmute these at any time. 


11(a). My Account  

My Account is used to view your membership details only. Ignore the REVIEW AND EDIT MY DETAILS. You can edit your details under My Memberships tab below.

When editing, please follow our standards for mailing purposes. Please Do not use all lower case or all uppercase for everything.

  • First names, last names, street names - Proper case for proper nouns, that is, the first letter is a capital and the remaining letters are lower case, e.g., John Citizen.
  • Addresses - PO Box
  • City/suburb - all UPPER CASE, e.g., NEW YORK, GLENELG
  • Mobile number - 10 digits for Australia, no spaces, no country code unless outside of Australia, e.g., 0429888777 or 1429888777 (international)
  • Phone number  - (landline) no area code for SA (8 digits - 82221111), area code for all other Australian states and territories (10 digits), e.g., 0282221111
  • Alternate contact number - use a mobile or landline, if needed

Please note, you cannot edit critical email notifications and publications information.


11(b). My Membership

This tab is used to summarise the contact details of the primary member, profile picture, current membership (including membership card and membership details), secondary members of a family membership only and past payments.

My6 membership


Members with a family membership will notice that their family members are not listed in the VIEW MEMBERSHIP DETAILS button. Birds SA leaves decisions about listing family members with the primary member of the family group.

To add a secondary member of a family membership, you will see + ADD SECONDARY MEMBER button. But first consider the following:

  • 18 years and older - can have their own email address should the primary member wish (Please note, only one printed copy of our publications will go to the primary member).
  • Under 18 years - leave blank as Birds SA does not support email addresses for under aged children
  • Relationship - partner, child or dependent options
  • Still want to add a secondary member

           CLICK  Add Secondary Members._278x30j

All existing members who have joined or renewed their membership before 1st December will not see any payment listed under Past Payments. Members who pay their membership after this date will have that payment listed as the first entry of your payment history. If you have a query about a past payment, please contact us.

           CLICK   Contact Us_120Wx30H


12(c).  My Payments

In the My Payments Tab, members can view or update their payment method for membership subscriptions and other payments (currently not in use).



Members are given the option to store their details with every transaction and are required to save them for all auto-renewing. If using Member Jungle for the first time, you must set your payment method for membership renewal.



You can pay your membership using any of these methods:

  • Visa or Mastercard credit card (auto renew each year by saving the card details or don't save to avoid auto renewal)
  • Visa or Mastercard direct debit card (auto renew each year by saving the card details or don't save to avoid auto renewal)
  • Bank deposit to Birds SA account (the bank details are provided on the Invoice sent with the renewal email)
  • Cheque
  • Cash

BIrds SA prefers  auto-renewal  or direct entry of credit or debit card details. Memberships paid via cash and bank deposits can take up to a month to process at the end of each month.

Member Jungle allows you to process online payments for membership, events and the online store. Our payment gateway is powered by the Stripe Connect gateway (the same one as the old system) and is completely PCI compliant, which means that no credit card information is ever stored on your own site and all payment data is secure.


How to print a membership card

All members must to registered with Member Jungle to be able to print a membership card.


  1. Go to the Birds SA website and click on Member Login in the top menu
  2. Enter your new username, that is, your email address and not your old username for Birds SA
  3. Create a new password by clicking Forgot Your Password
  4. Follow the instructions requested by Member Jungle and be ready to check your email for any emails sent to you by Member Jungle.

Note: When ask to enter your username, enter your email address and when it asks for your email address, enter the same email address. Yes, it's OK to use it twice.

  1. Record your new password in a safe place and then login using your new password!

If you need more detail, please follow the instructions in Steps 1 to 11 under Let's Go! above.



If you are already on the Login page, go to Step 1.

  1. Login using your new Username and Password
  2. The Account window appears, click on My Membership tab
  3. Hover over the image of the membership card (a cursor with "hand with a pointing index finger" show) and click once on the image
  4. A BirdsSA_membership_card (1).jpg file will be downloaded to your download folder in Windows Explorer, on the bottom of your screen (Google Chrome browser) or top-right via the Download icon in Firefox. In Apple, go to where all files downloaded from your device are stored.
  5. Click twice on the file and an image editor will open with the image of your membership card.
  6. Click PRINT within the image editor
  7. Check your printer settings:
    1. Orientation - Landscape
    2. Paper size - Search for business card (5.5 cm x 9.10 cm). If your printer doesn't have a business/name card or a similar size option or just print on A4 paper to carry.
    3. Paper type - plain paper or whatever you have set for you printer

If you don't know how to print to your printer, take a photo of the image in the My Membership tab with your mobile and show it. You can also download the membership Jungle app (click the new mobile app) and show your card that way.